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How do I register a project or a production in the Video Library?

To register a film into the Video Library do as follows:

Purchase a Mifa accreditation.
(2 registrations to the Video Library per accreditation)

Log in to your Annecy Network using your username and password.
Access "My Video Library" to begin your registration.

Before starting your registration, integrate and prepare:
- the elements in the correct format that will be required in step 5 of the online registration (cf. regulation: technical characteristics requested to put online - available on your Annecy Network, Video Library tab)
- a synopsis in English (200 characters maximum)

Go to step 1 of the registration "Main Information": check your data.
Go to step 2 "Additional Information"

Fill in step 2 "Additional Information"
Go to step 3 "Summary"

Consult the summary of the information saved.
Check and confirm before going to the last step of the registration.

- illustrative image (mandatory)
- video and/or PDF

Once downloading is complete, validate your registration.

Once the information is validated, no changes can be carried out.

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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