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What is a Students accreditation?

To provide the best conditions possible for your attendance, and in light of a significant increase in requests, the Festival has had to close the sale of Students accreditations. Thank you for your understanding!

The Students accreditation gives you access to content especially for students and young talents to assist you in preparing for your future professional career.

The Students accreditation is reserved for students in initial training (on-site or online). High-school students who have chosen a film option, and professional trainees in continuing education are not eligible for this accreditation.

Initial training refers to training undertaken as a student, which is validated by a diploma.

Eligibility Conditions

Students in initial training, actively enrolled on a higher education or university course, must be able to provide documentary proof of their student status in the field of animation, film, multimedia, art, music, gaming, or special effects for the 2023/2024 school year.

Along with their application for an accreditation, they must include a student card showing:
- The student’s last name and first name,
- The school establishment’s name,
- The title of the course,
- The current school year.

If the student card does not show all the requested information, a school attendance certificate, in French or English, issued by your school establishment with the missing information will additionally be required. It will then be necessary to import the certificate AND the student card when registering.

Invoices or any proof of payment will not be accepted.

Accreditation Process

Application for the Students accreditation is carried out online.
Students must upload the mandatory documentary proof onto the accreditation application form. Confirmation of Student accreditation will be subject to prior validation by CITIA.
If the application is refused, you will receive an e-mail explaining the reasons for refusal. If the request is approuved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to payment (valid 7 days). Once the payment is received CITIA will process and finalize the Students accreditation.


It entitles you to two reservations per day via the online ticketing service and access to the Badgeholders without reservation queue. You can only reserve one Screening Event per day out of your two reservations.

Have you reached your reservation quota and would like to attend more screenings? Is a screening full? Try your luck in the Badgeholders without reservation queue: in most cases, you will be able to get in. You just need a little patience (access to all the screenings without reservation is subject to availability).

For information about the Students accreditation

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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