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How do I cancel my participation at the Festival?

I would like to cancel my participation and be refunded

As stated in the General Terms and Conditions related to the Annecy 2023 accreditations, any cancellation request must be sent to The refunds will be carried out after the event.

You have a 14-day withdrawal period after the purchase date, during which time your accreditation can be fully refunded.

Beyond 14 days, a deduction of 20% VAT incl. of the accreditation price will be applied.

However, if you participate in an online or on-site event or screening (whether you are within the 14-day withdrawal or not), you will have deliberately used the benefits of the accreditation and therefore waiver your right to withdrawal. The Annecy 2023 accreditation will automatically be available to you. No refund will be carried out.

Furthermore, no refund requests will be treated from 11th June 2023.

I would like to cancel my participation and transfer my accreditation

You can also decide to transfer your accreditation to a third party.
The original accreditation will be withdrawn. The new beneficiary will receive an accreditation in their own name.

It will not be possible for the latter to change the type of accreditation.
Any actions carried out (reservations, appointments made, etc.) in your Annecy Network will automatically be deleted.

Any transfer request must be sent to before 9th June 2023 midday.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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