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I am a badgeholder: how do I reserve a screening in the film theatre?

Follow these simple steps so that reserving your screenings on D-Day runs smoothly:


Connect to your Annecy Network using your username and password* (received by e-mail) and complete the onboarding steps: these are mandatory steps and are there to help you complete your profile when you log on for the first time to the Annecy Network.

Browse the programme by clicking on Programme on your Annecy Network homepage.
Take note of the access conditions to each event or screening (with or without reservation).
You can create your list of Favourites straight away.

TICKETING OPENING DAY (date and time indicated here and on your Annecy Network Homepage)

Go here, click on the "Programme" tab then on the "Account" tab and log on thanks to your Annecy Network username and password, then click again on the "Programme" tab

Reserve** by clicking on the button "Reserve your place". There are several ways to do this:
- from your list of Favourites: have you already chosen what you would like to see? Go straight to your list of Favourites by accessing your "Account" tab, and then "My favourite events".
- from the event or screening’s detailed page

Find the summary of your reservations in the "Account" tab and in "My reservations"

Have you reached your reservation quota and would like to attend more screenings? Is a screening marked full?
Try your luck in the "Badgeholders without a reservation" queue, more often than not you will get in. You just need a little patience (access to all screenings without a reservation, subject to seating availability).

*Have you forgotten your username and password?: go here and follow the reset your password procedure by clicking on "Forgotten your username or password?".
**Number of reservations allowed according to your accreditation type here.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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